52c Photos

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Member's Photos


 Warren and Jinny Hunt



                 8th TFW Party Suit                

Wife and Same Party Suit

No alteration to wife or party suit 

in past 34 years


Warren Hunt, Ted Daniel and

Howie Pierson in San Diego

P. D. (Paul) Savage (Korea 1952-1953)  

Last Mission

Warren Hunt 7/27/53

Last Mission



         Ted Daniel wearing his "Poopy Suit"

          during the cold Korean winter of '   '                          '52 & '53.

Dick Buechner & his beautiful "Sabre" (Korea)





 Random sample of a great bunch of "Charlies"


       I know Jim & Helen will love this photo



Ted & Vicky Daniel. Our hosts in San Diego

                    Gil and his gal


 Gil's other gal


                   Serious Discussion

If any of you guys or gals have pictures you would like to have posted, send them to me and I'll see what I can do with them.


 Paul Savage